Cesare Giaccone Moscato Vinegar

Cesare Giaccone

Cesare Giaccone Moscato Vinegar

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Cesare Giaccone's Moscato vinegar has a light amber-coloured colour, with reflections of the ancient gold. The aromatic bouquet evokes orange-blossom and sage flower perfume with a delicate taste of fresh fruit. Its musk flavour of grapes is unmistakable. Beginning in the 1970s, Cesare Giaccone started producing vinegar especially for his restaurant. He was searching for typical products that faithfully respected the disappearing regional traditions. Today, his son, Oscar, carries on the legacy, buying high quality wines from local producers and making vinegar following the traditional Langa methods. He progressively decants the wine into barrels of mulberry, oak, and cherry wood. Inside the barrels there is the "mother," which allows the processing of wine into vinegar.


250 ml

Piedmont, Italy


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