Leonardi Tradizionale


Leonardi Tradizionale

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The pinnacle of balsamic vinegars, with extraordinary sweetness and inimitable roundness in perfect proportion. Very shiny, almost purple in color and dense, with a fluid, syrupy consistency. Notes of caramel, oak and toast on the nose with a complex and unmistakable acid undertone. This vinegar features the traditional sweetness of an aged balsamic, accented by rich dark caramel flavor and potent bursts of dry fruit, figs and cherry. 


There are over 300 producers of balsamic vinegar in Modena, but the Leonardi family is truly special. They have been making balsamic vinegar since 1871 and are still one of the few producers to own the land where the grapes grow. Four generations in, the Leonardi family is still making this prized elixir using traditional methods, such as cooking the Lambrusco and Trebbiano grape must in a copper cauldron and aging the vinegar in specific kinds of wooden barrels. The result is a perfectly balanced vinegar worthy of the name balsamico

100 ml


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