Olasagasti Bonito del Norte 270g


Olasagasti Bonito del Norte 270g

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270 g


For almost 100 years, Olasagasti has been bringing the pleasure of high-quality seafood to the tables by producing a variety of anchovies, tuna, and other fish products following an ancient tradition and the company's advanced know-how. The founder, Salvatore Orlando, moved from Sicily to the Basque country and became a pioneer of Italian salting techniques near the Cantabrian Coast, where he opened many factories. He then married the love of his life, Simona Olasagasti, whose last name became the brand's symbol. Officially established in 1927, Olasagasti-Orlando provides superior quality canned fish made with Sicilian craftsmanship of canning and the fishing tradition of the Cantabrian Sea, where the water is clean and enriched with fish.

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