Sibeiho OMG! Sambal


Sibeiho OMG! Sambal

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OMG! Sambal™ is a vegan Sambal that adds that Singaporean zing to your food. Deceptively simple, this Sambal is great base to add instant depth and heat to add to whatever you are cooking. A must-have kitchen hack to add that umami oomph to round out the taste profile for your dish. 100% natural ingredients. No MSG. No added color or unnatural preservatives. Taste Profile: Roasted heat & a touch of nuttiness. Heat Level: 4/5 Uses: Stir into pastas & stir fries. Mix a tbsp each of this Sambal & honey as a marinate for grilling perfection (eg. tofu/ salmon/ shrimp/ chicken/ your fav source of protein). Stir into soups/stews/mayo/in dips & eat with fries/vegetable sticks/ chips.


Portland, OR

Pat & Holly—two Singaporean friends who live in Portland, OR—are the team behind the Sibeiho™ brand. Their childhood home is small but multi-cultural and that comes to life best through our food we eat. Whether its Chinese, Malay, Indian or Peranakan, they love it all. Although far from their home island, they hope to celebrate and share their taste of Singapore from their childhoods and travels to those who love food, family and friends as much as they do.

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