Magazine F 20: Tools

Magazine F 20: Tools

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This issue of Magazine F focuses on how tools are invented, manufactured and used to help us turn ingredients into meals. It’s the perfect 20th issue, acting as a bridge between Magazine F’s survey of ingredients and the meals that we all love to plan, prepare, enjoy and share.

Cooking utensils are an essential element of the kitchen, controlling and dealing with elements such as fire, water, time, etc., as well as the ingredients. With a growing interest in food and cooking, cooking utensils are also developing to match the diversity of food cultures, forming a topographic map. Basic tools such as knives, pots, pans, and meters are also becoming more diverse, with breakdowns for each application or the integration of two adjacent functions into one. In addition, the traditional methods of making natural properties such as wood, stone, cast iron, etc. are re-illuminated to satisfy not only the use but also the unconscious. As such, cooking utensils are a barometer in the kitchen that captures changes not only in food culture, but also in interior, design, tech, and lifestyle in general.

South Korea

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