Providore Fine Foods is a one-of-a-kind grocery store on Sandy Blvd in inner NE Portland. We’re a destination for home cooks seeking unique global groceries that are crafted and sourced with care and tradition. While our local produce and artisan imports are delicious, what makes Providore truly special is our team of curious and hungry employees. It takes a whole crew of cooks, bakers, cashiers, wine stewards, stockists, cheesemongers, and more to keep the store running. We'd love for you to share your talents and enthusiasm with us!
As a business, we make it a priority to reinvest our success back into more support for the staff, and we aim to be a place where people are proud of their work. To that end, employees receive:
  • POOLED TIPS on top of the base wage.
  • 30% DISCOUNT across all businesses in the market
  • HEALTH INSURANCE: 100% Paid Health Insurance for Full-Time Employees (after 60 days of employment)
  • PAID TIME-OFF for vacation and illness for FT staff, paid sick time for PT staff
  • FREE PASTA + COFFEE and lots of delicious food!