Flavor+Us: Cooking for Everyone

Flavor+Us: Cooking for Everyone

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In this approachable cookbook, Rahanna Bisseret Martinez shares how to make food from around the world that respects the earth, workers, and consumers. A college freshman who has already cooked in the finest restaurants, she serves up lessons, tips, and tricks she has learned since her culinary career began at age thirteen, including techniques for everything from roasting and stir frying to pickling and infusing. The desserts and drinks chapters are perfect for hosting and making everyday meals special. Flavor+Us is filled with stories from Rahanna's experiences learning to cook in her family's Californian kitchen, her time competing on Top Chef Junior, and the restaurants where she learned what cooking in community means.


Flavor+Us features recipes from:


- Mexico: Masa Doughnuts with Earl Gray Glaze
- Haiti: Makawoni au Graten
- Cuba: Frijoles Negros
- Korea: Yachaejeon with Cho Ganjang
- China: Dry-Fried Green Beans
- The Philippines: Dungeness Crab Tinola
- Japan: Trinity Korokke
- Vietnam: New Orleans-Style Vietnamese Iced Coffee
- Ethiopia: Miser Wot
- Jamaica: Jerk Eggplant Steaks
- And more!


This is the ideal resource for new cooks and anyone who wants to refine the basics. All are welcome at Rahanna's table.

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