Fare Issue 06: Tbilisi

Fare Issue 06: Tbilisi

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Tbilisi is Georgia’s ancient capital, a place of long, wine drenched meals with a soundtrack of constant music and conversation. Here, the charm of well-worn buildings serve as the backdrop for an energetic and passionate underground arts scene.

  • Experience a proper supra feast let by the notorious Georgian toastmasters known as tamada

  • Join a cook in the kitchen to see how khinkali, the Mongol-introduced soup dumplings, are made

  • Meet one of the best sources on Georgian natural wine and the city's contemporary wine scene

  • Learn how Tbilisi's clubgoers turned dance into protest

  • Indulge in khachapuri, Georgia's legendary cheese-stuffed bread

  • Take in views of the city from a rooftop qvevri-style wine cellar

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